49% People in Regional Areas in Australia Feel Impacts of Severe Climate Conditions, New Report Shows

About 49 % of people in regional areas in Australia felt the effects of severe climate conditions in the regional areas, the survey showed.

The country is no stranger to challenging weather conditions and extreme weather events. The country has experienced prolonged drought, heatwaves and flooding.

Climate change has exacerbated the problem in the country.

For instance, the troublesome heatwaves and dry conditions in Australia raised concerns about the impacts on people’s health, especially for older adults and people with medical conditions.

Impacts of Severe Climate Conditions in Australia

 Volunteer firefighters monitoring burns in Australia

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Volunteer firefighters monitoring burns in Australia. The latest report showed that about 49% of Australians felt climate change severely impacts their lives in regional areas compared to people in the cities.  

The recent Ipsos global study observed the challenges and responses of different people to climate conditions and climate change.

The research was conducted for 31 countries, and over half the participants experienced the severe effects of climate change.

In addition, the concerning effects of climate change showed the urgent need for climate mitigation efforts. Climate change can influence extreme weather events, causing frequent shifts from drought to flooding rainfall.

The extreme weather shift can make it more difficult for communities to prepare. It can result in devastating impacts on people’s lives.

The report surveyed about 24,000 people in the said countries. In Australia, about half of the people saw the devastating impacts of climate change.

About 36% of Australians think that the impacts of climate change can likely displace them in the next 25 years.

In the regional areas, people say they have witnessed the severe effects of climate change compared to Australians living in the city.

Meanwhile, people in the regional areas can feel the severe impacts in the next 10 years. With the increasing problems of climate change, urgent government efforts are important to prepare Australians for severe weather events.

Climate change can worsen storms, cyclones, wildfires and heatwaves in Australia. The concerning impacts can cost the lives of people and leave devastating impacts.

The drought and dry conditions can affect wildlife and water security in Australia. In addition, it is favorable for raging wildfires due to strong winds and dry vegetation.

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How Can Australians Stay Safe From Climate Change’s Severe Impacts

From extreme heat to heavy rainfall, weather preparations are important to anticipate challenging weather conditions. Here are essential reminders to stay safe from severe impacts of climate change.

  • Australians should turn on mobile weather advisories and alerts. Keeping a battery-powered radio is also helpful during power outages.
  • Homeowners should also check their homes for improvement, from heating and cooling systems. Staying alert for flooded areas is recommended.
  • Having emergency kits at homes and vehicles will be helpful during emergencies.

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