8 Unique Animals That Take Advantage of Tools in Wildlife

In the battle for the survival of the fittest, creativity is important to hunt and survive. Recent reports show animals can utilize tools, such as rocks and wood, to help better their lives. Animals with tools can efficiently hunt for food.

According to a study published by The Royal Society, animals have adapted to use different tools to protect them and look for food sources. For instance, the tools will help crack hard shells as part of animals’ behavior. The tools can create shelters for challenging weather conditions.

North American beavers
North American beavers
(Photo : by Allison Shelley/Getty Images) Animals are creative and resourceful, utilizing potential tools like twigs, leaves and many more. The tools are helpful for courtship, survival and hunting possible preys.

Understanding how animals use too will allow researchers to study their behavior and adaptation to their environments amidst the growing concerns of habitat loss due to climate change and human disturbance.

In this article, it will feature eight animals that take advantage of tools for survival, living, and hunting.

1. Chimps 

Chimps and chimpanzees are some of the most intelligent animals in the wild. In a recent report, the said animals can use tools for honey extraction. Researchers documented chimpanzees that utilized honey-dipping tools. However, the researchers explain that the tools can be different in different locations.

2. Crows 

Crows are known for being creative and hardworking animals, collecting twigs and leaves. The smart animal can get tools like sticks and leaves, noting the amazing ability of the bird to locate potential tools. Recently, researchers observed that animals can make compound tools.

3. Bowerbirds

Another creative bird is the bowerbird, which can collect tools to build a nest. According to reports, the said species are mostly found in New Guinea or Australia. In building a nest, they can gather anything they like, from bottled caps, leaves, and twigs. It can help them to potentially court or attract a female bowerbird.

4. Elephants

Ever heard of an elephant that can paint? Elephants are capable of using tools using their trunks. According to reports, the tools help find a potential food or ease an itch. Additionally, it shows that the animal is intelligent.

5. Beavers

In a recent Nature World News (NWN) report, beavers are considered natural engineers to improve water supplies by creating dams, particularly in California. Beavers used tools, with mud and sticks, when they built dams.

6. Octopuses

Meanwhile, octopuses move quickly under the ocean. The smart animal can take advantage of its environment by hiding in shells when there is a potential threat or predator. In this way, it can provide extra protection, or evade a predator’s attack.

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7. Woodpecker

According to reports, the Galapagos woodpecker flinch is known to use tools like cactus spine. The said animal will use the tool to find potential prey.

8. Sea Otters

Last on the list are the sea otters. Cracking an oyster is not always easy, it requires them to use rocks to open their food. Animals employ tools. This aids in the­ir survival and success. Such tools make acquiring food less challe­nging. It also improves animals’ thinking skills. It will be easier for sea otters to break open clams.

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