Central US Weather Forecast: Stormy Conditions to Bring Severe Thunderstorm Threats This Week

Stormy conditions are expected in the Central US, with a potential return to record-breaking heat this week. The warmth could provide relief from the threat of colder temperatures and winter conditions.

Although the temperatures can become unusually warmer, homeowners can expect severe thunderstorm conditions and the chance of rain. The stormy outlook can spread over the Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported potential hazardous weather conditions impacting portions of northwest Wisconsin. Homeowners should watch out for strong storms.

In the Chicago area, strong south winds could impact this week, gusts reaching 45 to 50 mph. Challenging commutes could become impactful over the west of I-55 and Fox River Valley. Residents should watch out for elevated fire risks this week due to stronger winds.

Meanwhile, NWS Reno warned of a potential winter weather outlook in the Sierra region and Greater Tahoe Area. Homeowners should check for possible Winter Storm Warnings this week and blizzard threats.

In addition, the NWS forecast warned of scattered strong thunderstorms in southeastern Florida. People should check for severe hail and localized damaging winds.

Central US Weather Forecast: Where Will Stormy Outlook and Record Warmth Unload?

Chicago, Illinois
(Photo : by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Chicago, Illinois. Residents in Chicago felt the unusual heat this week. The forecast showed that Central US could expect threat of thunderstorms and return of warmth.

According to the latest forecast, Central US can anticipate a stormy outlook this week. Potential thunderstorms and rain could hit in Plains. The beginning of March could unfold challenging weather, causing slower commutes.

On Monday, potential severe thunderstorms could hit, bringing hail and isolated tornadoes. The stormy conditions are expected in the following areas:

  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • St. Louis
  • Little Rock
  • Dallas
  • Jackson
  • Houston
  • New Orleans

In New Orleans, the latest forecast warned of a dangerous driving condition. Homeowners should watch out for a Dense Fog Advisory this morning. The advisory added that heavy rainfall could unfold in the early week, especially on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a potential flash flood threat could occur due to strong winds and heavy rains. When daily commutes are not essential, Americans should stay at home until the weather outlook finally improves.

In the early week, the record-challenging warmth could lead to temperature rise reaching between 15-30 degrees Fahrenheit above the historical average in the following areas:

  • Green Bay
  • Quebec
  • Burlington
  • Buffalo
  • Pittsburgh
  • Charleston
  • Nashville
  • Indianapolis
  • St. Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Chicago
  • Detroit

On Wednesday, a potential stormy outlook could return, bringing rounds of rain in the following areas:

  • Charleston
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington
  • New York
  • Albany
  • Wilmington
  • Atlanta
  • Charleston
  • Jacksonville

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Thunderstorm Threats: How Can Americans Stay Safe?

The latest weather report warned of a possible thunderstorm threat in the Central US this week. Severe thunderstorms can lead to power outages and travel disruptions.

As a result, homeowners should check for the latest forecasts this week, particularly if travel is not important. Keeping emergency weather kits is advisable.

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