‘Dangerous Severe Weather’ with Potential Intense Tornadoes, Very Large Hail to Continue Across Central and Southern US: NWS Warns

“Dangerous severe weather” with potential intense tornadoes and very large hail is expected to continue across the central-southern regions of the United States. According to a warning by the National Weather Service (NWS) on Tuesday, May 7, the weather system could shift eastward over the mainland US this week, wherein regional travel disruption and life-threatening risks are possible.

The recent severe thunderstorm alert by the weather service this week has been issued during the aftermath of a tornado outbreak in multiple states across the country in April 2024. With the US currently in its spring season, meteorologists have recorded the frequent occurrence of stormy weather, ranging from moderate to severe, with some accompanied by deadly tornadoes.

Dangerous Severe Weather Forecast

'Dangerous Severe Weather' with Potential Intense Tornadoes, Very Large Hail to Continue Across Central and Southern US: NWS Warns
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The NWS described the ongoing system as a “dangerous severe weather” which will bring an ‘enhanced risk’ of severe thunderstorms over parts of the Ohio Valley on Tuesday. In addition, the adverse weather will impact parts of the southern Great Plains, Mississippi Valley, and Ohio/Tennessee Valleys on Wednesday, May 8. Rainfall events are also expected in these regions.

Based on its severe weather forecast, the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC) at 3:59 a.m. EDT (local time) on Tuesday stated that a severe storm is being caused by a weather front extending from the Northern Plains to the Middle Mississippi Valley and then to the southern Plains. The front will then develop a wave of low pressure over the upper Great Lakes region by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the NWS’ Storm Prediction Center (SPC) issued an ‘enhanced risk’ of severe thunderstorms across Indiana, western Ohio, and northern-central Kentucky until Wednesday morning, as cited by the WPC. According to the SPC, the severe weather will impact approximately 90 million people in the following areas:

  •  Columbus, Ohio
  •  Cincinnati, Ohio
  •  Toledo, Ohio
  •  Louisville, Kentucky
  •  Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
  •  Indianapolis, Indiana
  •  Chicago, Illinois
  •  Ann Arbor, Michigan
  •  Detroit, Michigan
  •  San Antonio, Texas
  •  Dallas, Texas
  •  Austin, Texas
  •  Nashville, Tennessee
  •  Clarksville, Tennessee
  •  Memphis, Tennessee

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US Tornado Outbreak

Over the past week as of Tuesday, US weather authorities have reported more than 100 tornado events in different parts of the nation, ranging from the central and southern US. The tornado outbreaks destroyed dozens of homes and buildings from the states of Oklahoma to Nebraska and Iowa, according to a report by the University of Colorado, Boulder on Monday, May 6.

The US experiencing a wild tornado outbreak, which placed Colorado and many parts of the country at risk since they have entered the severe weather season. In Oklahoma, local reports say that at least four people died and over 300 others were injured following a deadly tornado, accompanied by severe thunderstorms and high winds.

The recent tornado events in the US confirm the findings of previous studies, which some predict that climate change could drive the occurrence of more severe thunderstorms.

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