England Breaks Valentine’s Night Temperature Record as Mild Weather Continues

The United Kingdom was enveloped in an unusually warm atmosphere this Valentine’s night, with temperatures soaring to record highs. In the Isles of Scilly, the mercury touched a balmy 11.5°C, making it warmer than some parts of Italy.

The Met Office confirmed that this was indeed the highest minimum temperature for February 14 in England since records began.

The weather service also tweeted a poem as part of its announcement, saying: ‘The sky’s sometimes red / The sky’s often blue / Today it is grey / But very mild too.’

The warm weather was caused by a plume of air from the continent, which brought mild and moist conditions to parts of England and Wales. The Met Office said that this phenomenon, known as a ‘Spanish plume’, occurs when warm air moves north from the Iberian Peninsula and meets cooler air over the Atlantic Ocean.

Contrasting Climates: Parts of Scotland Shiver in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Snow and Ice Weather Warnings Return For Northern England
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While parts of England basked in warmth, areas like Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Inverness and Glasgow experienced sub-zero temperatures as low as -4.1°C. This stark contrast paints a vivid picture of a nation experiencing diverse weather patterns simultaneously.

The cold snap in Scotland was due to a high-pressure system over Scandinavia, which brought clear skies and frosty nights. The Met Office warned that the chilly conditions could persist for a few more days, with the risk of ice and snow on higher ground.

What’s Next? Britain to be Hotter than Italy and France on Wednesday

The warm spell is not over yet, as Britain is set to enjoy spring-like conditions on Wednesday, despite still officially being winter. London will reach 16°C, making it warmer than 13°C Milan and 15°C Nice. Other parts of the country will also see above-average temperatures, with Cardiff and Manchester expected to hit 14°C and 13°C respectively.

The Met Office said that the mild weather will continue until the end of the week, before a cold front brings more unsettled and windy conditions over the weekend. The long-term forecast suggests that February will remain generally mild, with some spells of rain and sunshine.

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A Risky Commute: Drivers and Rail Users Advised to Plan Ahead and Check for Delays

The heavy rain could pose a risk for drivers and rail users, as the wet conditions could lead to poor visibility, spray, and surface water on the roads. The Met Office advised motorists to drive carefully and avoid flooded roads, as well as to check for traffic updates before setting off.

Rail users could also face delays and cancellations, as the rain could affect the tracks and signals. The Met Office urged passengers to check with their train operators for the latest information and to allow extra time for their journeys.

A Mixed Outlook: More Rain to Follow, but Some Sunny Spells in Store

The wet weather is not over yet, as more rain is expected to fall on Friday and Saturday, especially in the north and west of the UK. The Met Office said that there is a chance of some snow over the hills of Scotland and northern England, as well as some strong winds along the coasts.

However, there is also some hope for a brighter end to the week, as some sunny spells are forecast for Sunday and Monday. The Met Office said that the temperatures will remain mild for the time of year, with highs of 12 to 14°C in the south and 8 to 10°C in the north.

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