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Spend less time and money on things without results. Start with My Diet Doc to get the best personalized diet plan, medication and products.

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My Diet Doc is a national women-only healthcare service that provides you with a personalized plan and personalized products to help you reach your weight loss goals.



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Women who are looking for a reduced cost consultation, or a faster start, will see lower rates.



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Our weight loss doctors help you lose weight with consultations, personalized diet plans, and medications. We start at only $299 and average $199/month.


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The best diet

My Diet Doc is an online clinic where you can get a personal consultation with a doctor, who will hand-craft your ideal diet plan and provide the best medications and supplements.

Helps you find the right diet plan

Diet Doc is a personalized digital healthcare clinic to help people manage their chronic health conditions and/or lose weight.


My Diet Doc is a personalized diet and wellness plan that can be as affordable as you want.

You’re in control

With My Diet Doc, you choose what is important to you. We have created a platform that allows our clients to customize their plan from the ground up. You select diet types (weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.), treatments and goals.

Doctor approved

What sets the DIET DOC apart is that our doctors are medical professionals who have completed postdoctoral education in order to provide patients with evidence-based dietary and lifestyle interventions

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Diet Doc is a health and wellness company that specializes in weight loss, diabetes management and integrative medicine.


The best diet plans tailored to your specific needs and budget, with a doctor’s supervision.

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We Do All The Diabetes Management Tasks For You

My Diet Doc is a national network of personalized, medical weight-loss medical clinics, with locations across the United States.

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