NWS Weather Forecast in South Carolina: Heavy Rain, Thunderstorms To Hit This Early Week

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are likely in parts of Georgia and South Carolina and Georgia, bringing potential slower commutes and travel disruption.

According to the NWS Weather Prediction Center, rainy outlook and thunderstorms could also emerge in the Southeast and portions of Florida. In Central and Southern California, life-threatening flooding is also possible.

In the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada, heavy snow is also likely in the region. Snowy outlook can also unfold in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. Central US can also experience upper-level ridge.

People with travel plans should check the latest weather outlook in South Carolina due to the chances of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Slippery roads and foggy conditions can be likely this midweek due to rounds of rain.

In this week’s weather, the main dangers are hazardous travel, excessive rainfall, landslide, flashflood and flooding. People in low-lying communities or areas are vulnerable to flooding threats this week.

South Carolina Weather Forecast: Where Will Rain Unload?

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The National Weather Service (NWS) warned of heavy rain and thunderstorms in South Carolina and parts of Georgia. Homeowners should also stay alert for potential excessive rainfall. People should avoid bodies of water, open areas, trees and powerlines. When travel is not important, staying at home is recommended. Flash floods and landslides can also happen.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), moderate to heavy rain is likely in portions of South Carolina and Georgia. People near streams or creeks are at risk of flooding.

In Tampa Bay, a cooler weather outlook could emerge in half of the week. A special weather statement was issued in the following areas:

  • Crystal River FL
  • Beverly Hills FL
  • Citrus Springs FL

In addition, a Special Marine Warning was also announced in the Tarpon Springs to Suwannee River FL.

Tornado Alerts in the Southern US

The latest forecast warned of soaking rain and severe thunderstorms over portions of Florida and southern US. Rainy conditions and localized damaging winds could spread over Daytona Beach, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Brunsville.

On Monday, rounds of rain are forecast in Atlanta, Tampa, Miami and Montgomery. Mild conditions can unfold in Little Rock, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans and Jackson.

On the other hand, southern Sierra Nevada and southern California could expect more moisture this week. Excessive rainfall forecast could emerge in the San Luis County and San Diego County.

Strong winds and high surf are also possible on the California Coast and Nevada.

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Thunderstorm Weather Preparedness

In South Carolina, the forecast warned of thunderstorm conditions this week. Thunderstorms can cause power outages and life-threatening situations for homeowners.

People should avoid bodies of water, open areas, trees and powerlines. When travel is not important, staying at home is recommended. Flash floods and landslides can also happen.

When thunder appears, it is advisable to go to secure areas like buildings, schools and homes.

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