NWS Weather Forecast: Wintry Mix Outlook to Hit Interior Northeast, Central Plains This Week

The latest weather forecast showed that a wintry weather outlook is possible in the Central Plains and Interior Northeast this week, bringing snow and more rain. Americans can expect slower commutes and hazards due to the weather outlook.

Northeast is no stranger to challenging weather conditions, from snow, flooding and heavy rain. Homeowners with travel plans should monitor the latest forecasts as winter comes near.

In addition, the NWS Weather Prediction Center warned of a multi-day winter storm in the Pacific Northwest this weekend. Homeowners should watch out for significant mountain snow.

The forecast said that a long-duration winter storm could unfold on Thursday, affecting areas in the West and Cascades. Eastern Washington, Idaho and Oregon can also expect troublesome weather. Homeowners and hikers should stay alert for blowing snow and travel dangers this weekend.

NWS Weather Forecast: Where Will Wintry Mix Outlook Unload?

New York City

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New York City. The National Weather Service (NWS) reported that a wintry mix outlook could unload in the Central Plains and Interior Northeast this week, bringing snow and freezing temperatures.

The National Weather Service (NWS) showed wintry mix conditions this late week in the Central Plains and Interior Northeast. Light to moderate rain can likely unload.

The widespread colder and winter-like conditions can cause hypothermia, frostbite and other cold-related health concerns. The NWS advisory reminded residents to avoid prolonged exposure to cold weather.

In the Northeastern US and Midwest, the forecast showed that rain and snow could occur this weekend. It can likely affect the travel conditions in the region, especially on the weekend.

On Thursday, the stormy outlook will likely return with potential thunderstorms. The rain will be essential for drought-affected areas in the Northeast and Midwest. The rounds of rain are likely in the following areas:

  • Atlanta
  • Montgomery
  • Jackson
  • New Orleans
  • Nashville
  • Jackson
  • Little Rock
  • Houston
  • Austin

On Friday, the rain will become more widespread with potential snow in Burlington, Buffalo, Detroit, Kansas City and Chicago. The rainy outlook is expected in the following areas:

  • Portland
  • Boston
  • New York City
  • Washington
  • Charleston
  • Pittsburgh
  • Columbus
  • Nashville
  • Peoria

On the weekend, the chance of rain can unload in Boston, New York City, Charlotte and Jacksonville. In NYC advisory, residents can feel more colder temperatures in the late week. People with outdoor plans should bring an umbrella or raincoat due to rain.

Meanwhile, Southeast Texas can anticipate scattered thunderstorms in the late week. People should stay alert for potential isolated tornadoes, especially at night.

On the East Coast, the advisory said that milder temperatures are likely this week. On Friday, the conditions can likely become stormy with more chance of rain.

In the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, residents can anticipate an average and dry outlook.

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Keeping Safe From Weather This Week Due to Wintry Mix

Americans should wear layered clothes when snow and colder temperatures unfold. Prolonged exposure to cold can lead to cold-related illnesses, especially for older adults and people with medical conditions.

In addition, keeping home survival kits is essential due to the impacts of winter storms, blizzards and freezing conditions.

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