NWS Weather in Southern Oregon: Another Storm to Unleash Heavy Snows This Week; Power Outages Possible

Southern Oregon and northern California can expect a possible storm this week, according to a National Weather Service (NWS) forecast. Residents in the affected areas could expect stormy conditions and additional heavy snow.

The mix of snow and rain could lead to hazardous travel conditions in the Pacific Northwest, including in southern Oregon and northern California. Dangerous driving conditions could emerge due to a foggy outlook, snow-covered roads, and slippery conditions.

When snow and rain combine, motorists should consider postponing any outdoor or travel plans to avoid being stranded on roads or experiencing travel headaches. For motorists traveling this week, they should be extra careful in navigating the roads.

Meanwhile, portions of Southeast and Louisiana can anticipate threats of flash flooding and heavy rains on Wednesday.

NWS Weather in Southern Oregon: Where Will Snow Unload?

Live Hurricane Tracker via NOAA NESDIS
(Photo : Live Hurricane Tracker via NOAA NESDIS)
Live Hurricane Tracker via NOAA NESDIS. Residents in Oregon and northern California should watch out for hazardous commutes due to a mix of rain and snow this week.

The NWS Weather Prediction Center reported that accumulating snowfall could emerge in Montana, including in North Dakota to northern Minnesota. Recently, the forecast warned of strong blizzard risks in the Sierra Nevada and Western US due to a winter storm.

In addition, the NWS Short Range Public Discussion reported that another storm could unleash heavy snow in southern Oregon and northern California. Due to rounds of snow, cold-related health concerns are possible this week in the region, including hypothermia and frostbite.

Homeowners should always check for signs of cold-related health concerns this week, especially for older adults, children and people with health risks. Avoiding unessential outdoor travel is recommended to prevent prolonged exposure to cold weather.

Meanwhile, the forecast discovered an area of low pressure over the Pacific Northwest and northern California this early week. It can unload rounds of moderate to heavy rains to southwestern Oregon. People in low-lying areas or near streams are more vulnerable to small flooding.

Homeowners in the affected areas should monitor for Winter Watches and Warnings this week. In the forecast, winter warnings are present in the southern Oregon, Sierra, and California Coast Range.

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Eastern US Weather Forecast: Where Will Storm Outlook Hit?

According to AccuWeather’s latest forecast, the eastern US and northeast can anticipate rounds of heavy rain due to potential storms. The advisory warned of travel concerns and flooding risks.

From Monday to Tuesday, slower commutes are possible due to a rainy outlook in the following areas:

  • Bangor
  • Boston
  • Burlington
  • Hartford
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington
  • Richmond

Although the rain could ease the recent warmth, it could lead to hazardous driving difficulties in the early week. Maintaining distance from other vehicles is recommended, and staying away from flooded roads.

In the late week, the stormy outlook could emerge in the following areas:

  • Albany
  • New York
  • Pittsburgh
  • Charleston
  • Washington
  • Wilmington
  • Charleston
  • Atlanta
  • Jacksonville
  • Virginia Beach
  • Nashville

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