Roksanda Will Launch Its First NFT Collection During London Fashion Week

Three-Tiered Fashion NFTs
London-based fashion label Roksanda has announced that it will launch a series of NFTs as part of its upcoming Autumn/Winter 2022 collection. The NFTs, which have been created in partnership with Clearpay, will drop during London Fashion Week.

The new NFTs will be released using a tier-based system, with prices ranging from 25 pounds for one of 500 3D garment renderings to 250 pounds for one of 250 3D animated costume renderings. The top-tier NFTs will be limited for sale to just ten customers total and priced at a whopping 5,000 pounds each.

“We’re proud to be able to help democratize fashion and enable consumers to buy, interact, and engage with Roksanda’s artistry in such an innovative way. It’s exciting to see this all come to life at such an important moment in the British fashion calendar,”