Scorpion Attack: Man Wakes Up from Excruciating Pain in Las Vegas Hotel After Scorpion Stung His ‘Testicles’

A scorpion attack occurred in an unusual circumstance in Las Vegas, Nevada, after the arachnid stings the private part of a hotel guest. The incident, which happened at The Venetian back in December 2023, involved a man who woke up from excruciating pain after the scorpion stung his testicles, according to reports earlier this month. 

It is unclear how the wild animal got into the Las Vegas hotel but the guest from California is considering legal action.

Scorpions are common in Las Vegas and its surrounding desert valley, which has become the natural habitat of the eight-legged stingers, according to wildlife experts. Local pest authorities in the United States say that the most common of these animals is the bark scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus), also called the Arizona bark scorpion. Due to their abundance, a bark scorpion ending up inside establishments is a strong possibility.

Las Vegas Hotel Scorpion

Scorpion Attack: Man Wakes Up from Excruciating Pain in Las Vegas Hotel After Scorpion Stung His 'Testicles'
A stock photo of the scorpion species Centruroides sculpturatus.
(Photo : Photo by Harrison J Elkins via Wikimedia Commons)

The scorpion attack victim named Michael Farchi, who lives in California, revealed to local media that he was stung by the Las Vegas hotel scorpion on his testicles while he was sleeping in his room. Farchi encountered the unwanted visitor back on December 26.

He described the pain from the scorpion sting as someone stabbed him in his private area and even compared it with a “sharp glass or a knife.”

Farchi also reported that he went to the restroom immediately after waking up and saw the bright orange scorpion on his underwear. The California man was staying at the Las Vegas Strip resort during the holiday season, wherein he was also with his family at the time. Details of the incident came out earlier this March.

The incident also highlights the risk posed by the nocturnal pests to humans, especially venomous scorpions.

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Are Scorpions Scared of Humans?

Scorpions are known for their lobster-like pinches and their fierce look that can creep on some people. However, evidence shows that scorpions are scared of humans and typically try to avoid us whenever possible. Yet, this does not mean that the said arachnids would not attack us. Most scorpion stings occur when the animals are accidentally grabbed, stepped on, or brushed against the body, according to Mayo Clinic.

Just like other arachnids, scorpions feed primarily on insects like cockroaches, crickets, and even spiders, which also belong to the same class in the animal kingdom. Based on a pest control source, the peak scorpion activity in Las Vegas typically starts in March and this trend continues until the summer months.

One of the main reasons by scorpions become active during this period is due to the relatively warmer weather, from the aftermath of the winter season. Despite the occurrence of scorpion stings on people, human fatalities from the arachnid are rare and often result in swelling, lesions, or allergies.

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