South US Weather Forecast: Heavy Rain, Severe Weather Expected for the Region Starting Friday

Heavy rain and severe weather are expected to occur again in the southern United States by late week, according to weather authorities. In their South US weather forecast on Friday, May 17, meteorologists from the National Weather Service (NWS) warn about renewed severe storms in the central and eastern Gulf Coast region and its surrounding areas, including the northern Great Plains.

South US Weather Forecast

South US Weather Forecast: Heavy Rain, Severe Weather Expected for the Region Starting Friday
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The adverse weather is being caused by an active system hovering above the region, posing disruptive and life-threatening risks for multiple states, including Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. The major hazards are flooding due to torrential rain and tornado outbreaks, large hail from severe thunderstorms. Earlier this week, severe storms resulted in multiple deaths in Texas.

In its short-range South US weather forecast, the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC) at 3:59 a.m. EDT (local time) on Friday warned about the potential threat of “significantly heavy rainfall” from southern Mississippi to western Alabama. The WPC added that wet weather could also start during the weekend for most parts of the Eastern US and the northern Rockies or Plains.

Moreover, other parts of the country could experience hot weather due to high humidity, with temperatures that can reach as high as mid- to upper- 100s degrees Fahrenheit, according to the US Government weather agency.

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Dangerous Weather Conditions

Dangerous weather conditions are possible across the South US in the coming days. The region experienced a spate of severe weather events during the current US spring season, which started in March 2024. During this period, different parts of the country reported power outages and disruption to travel. Earlier in May, at least three people died when tornadoes struck the Midwest.

Amid the threat posed dangerous weather system, the NWS issues some of the following severe weather safety tips:

  •  Get as low as possible during a tornado.
  •  Place as many barriers as possible between you and outside your home.
  •  When in a vehicle, consider delaying your trip when a severe thunderstorm is in the area.
  •  Monitor local weather developments, including from television and weather radio by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Texas Severe Storm Casualties

Multiple US regions, including the Midwest and the South US, saw dangerous severe weather events in the past several weeks. On Thursday, May 16, the Texas severe storms led to the deaths of at least four people in Houston, with hundreds of thousands of residents left without electricity. As the storm system swept parts of the state, high winds toppled trees and even transmission lines.

The most affected area is Houston, where the system spawned severe thunderstorms and left more than 1 million customers without power across southeastern Texas, according to local reports as of Friday afternoon. The devastation is mainly caused by a powerful derecho or a line of severe thunderstorms packed with strong winds that pass through southeastern Texas and Louisiana.

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