South US Weather Forecast: Severe Weather, Dangerous Heat and Critical Fire Weather Conditions to Impact Region [NWS]

A weather forecast by the National Weather Service (NWS) on Saturday, May 25, for the southern United States shows a looming threat posed by severe weather, dangerous heat, and critical fire weather conditions. From the afternoon until the evening hours on Saturday, “some strong” tornadoes, extreme hail, and damaging winds could hit the central and southern Great Plains.

The NWS forecast also expects the occurrence of extreme fire weather conditions in the southwestern US and the continuance of dangerous heat in south Texas. Based on the short-range outlook, the Plains could also experience heavy rain and flooding from severe thunderstorms. Moreover, the heat-stricken areas mentioned earlier could be hit by sudden temperature spikes.

The severe storms hovering over the South US could impact millions of American travelers for the upcoming Memorial Day annual holiday on Monday, May 27, which can result in flight cancelations. In recent days, passengers have been reported to encounter multiple flight delays and higher plane ticket prices, as US airports experience the busiest period in decades ahead of the May 27 holiday.

South US Weather Forecast

South US Weather Forecast: Severe Weather, Dangerous Heat and Critical Fire Weather Conditions to Impact Region [NWS]
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The NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC), in its South US weather forecast at 4:09 p.m. EDT (local time) on Saturday, stated there is a ‘moderate risk’ of severe thunderstorms over parts of the central Plains on Saturday. The weather service added there is an ‘enhanced risk’ of severe weather conditions over parts of the middle Mississippi Valley or Ohio Valley on Sunday, May 26.

Other parts of the US are also at risk of the looming inclement weather, including over parts of the Mid-Atlantic region on Monday, until later next week by Thursday, May 30. While severe storms have been the major weather headlines during the spring season, these weather events could be replaced by hot temperatures and extreme heat as the North American summer season approaches in June.

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Dangerous Heat and Fire Weather

Aside from the severe weather in store for the South US starting this weekend, the region is also at risk of summer-related heat already. Based on WPC forecast, the issuance of excessive heat warnings and heat advisories is possible over southern Texas through Monday. This is because a ridge will pave the way for the creation of a “dangerous early-season heat wave” over southern Texas and Florida.

The dangerous heat may result in life-threatening medical condition such as heat stress which can lead to heat stroke, heat rashes, heat exhaustion, or heat cramps, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In particular, this can happen to workers who are exposed to extreme heat or workplaces with hot environments, the CDC adds.

Meanwhile, critical fire weather conditions also have these characteristics. However, the greatest risk during a fire weather is the potential eruption and spread of wildfires, as seen in Texas and its surrounding areas across the South US in the past.

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