Thanksgiving Weather in US: Rain, Snow Likely to Bring Travel Disruptions for 55 Million Travelers

Slower commutes and travel disruptions can unfold in the Thanksgiving in the US due to potential snow and rain, according to the latest forecasts.

Early preparation for travel is recommended to avoid any delays while on the road.

The Thanksgiving is near in the US. About 55 million Americans are expected to travel next week to enjoy the much-awaited family event.

This week, the Western US and Pacific Northwest can experience the rounds of rain.

The early weeks of November unleashed colder conditions in the US, helping to ease the warm weather in the Northeast and Midwest.

For the upcoming Thanksgiving, Americans are advised to check the road conditions before traveling.

Thanksgiving Weather in the US: What Can People Expect?

 NOAA NESDIS Satellite View

(Photo : NOAA NESDIS Satellite View )
NOAA NESDIS Satellite View. About 55 million Americans are forecast to travel during Thanksgiving in the US. Travelers should watch out for travel concerns as rain and snow could bring slower commutes.

Scheduling ahead the Thanksgiving is recommended to avoid the rush next week. Americans should also anticipate travel headaches due to rains and snow, affecting motorists and airlines.

In portions of the Northeast, the latest weather forecast reported potential travel delays early next week in Boston, Buffalo, New York, Washington and Atlanta.

Weather reports monitor an active weather during the Thanksgiving in the US. Challenging weather conditions are likely in the Plains and Rockies.

Homeowners should watch out for heavy rains, gusty winds and snow next week, especially in parts of Denver, Casper and Billings.

In addition, airlines are also expecting the arrival of travelers next week, making it the busiest travel by air this year.

In the Northeast and California, a chance of rain is likely in the early week. A slower travel outlook could unfold in Portland and Seattle. From November 21 to 22, the rainy outlook could emerge in Jacksonville, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

Meanwhile, a dry outlook could emerge in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and El Paso. In the Central and Eastern US, stormy conditions can become possible. Rainy conditions can unload in portions of Ohio and Tennessee valleys.

On Tuesdays next week, residents can anticipate good weather conditions in Denver, Kansas City, Memphis, Dallas, San Francisco and Houston.

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Thanksgiving Weather in the US: How Can Americans Prepare?

The main concern is travel hazards in the next week’s Thanksgiving. Travelers, whether by air and land, can experience challenging commutes due to potential rain and snow.

Here are essential reminders to prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving in the US this 2023.

  • Scheduling the flight as early as possible is recommended. Americans should anticipate potential delays this year.
  • Motorists should condition their vehicles this week, especially if they have a long trip. Preparing car emergency kits is recommended.

Did you know? One of the powerful Thanksgiving snowstorms occurred in late November 1919. It brought significant snow in Eastern Utah and Western Colorado.

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