Tornadoes, Flooding Cause Widespread Destruction Across US Gulf Coast Amid Severe Weather, At Least One Reported Dead

Tornadoes and flooding have wreaked havoc across the United States Gulf Coast amid severe weather in the region, according to local sources over the past 24 hours as of Thursday, April 11. At least one person has been reported dead because of the lingering storm, which brought the said weather hazards this week.

Aside from causing widespread destruction, the severe thunderstorm also left thousands of people without power.

Earlier this week, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a weather alert about severe thunderstorms with “potential tornadoes” for the South US, which includes the Gulf Coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Furthermore, the weather service also warned that severe storms can result in heavy to excessive rainfall, leading to flooding.

Currently, the Eastern US could face the same predicament, since the large storm system is moving in the direction of the said region.


US Gulf Coast Severe Weather

Tornadoes, Flooding Cause Widespread Destruction Across US Gulf Coast Amid Severe Weather, At Least One Reported Dead
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A deadly storm system had caused the US Gulf Coast severe weather that generated at least three tornadoes and raging floodwaters due to heavy rainfall on Wednesday, April 10, according to the NWS. The powerful storm with strong winds swept through the Gulf Coast states, submerging roads and damaging hundreds of buildings. In addition to mass power outages, the system also caused travel disruptions across the region.

The US Government weather agency also reported that torrential rain was recorded in some parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. The recorded fatality occurred in Mississippi due to the storms, which were also accompanied by winds that reached 100 miles per hour in some places.

During the remainder of the week, US meteorologists predicted that the adverse weather will continue.

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US Weather Forecast

In its latest US weather forecast, the NWS at 4:00 a.m. EDT (local time) on Thursday predicted the severe thunderstorms will shift into the Ohio Valley, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions. The main threats associated with the severe weather will be several tornadoes, isolated large hail, and damaging winds. The forecast implies that the storm system is moving northeast, affecting other parts of the East Coast.

Outside the massive storm in the Eastern US, the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC) says weather will be relatively quiet across the Southwest US and through the Central US due to the influence of a high-pressure system. However, the potential occurrence of further severe thunderstorms in the coming days and weeks is still possible nationwide, as the US spring season progresses.

In March 2024, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a spring 2024 weather forecast, suggesting that all 50 states will experience a warm season. This relatively warmer weather could see above-average temperatures throughout the months of April, May, and June.

During this period, the occurrence of potentially damaging or deadly tornadoes is likely, according to the NOAA.

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