US Storm Forecast: Powerful Storm System with ‘Hazardous Weather’ to Impact Southern Plains to New England This Week [NWS]

Hazardous weather from a lingering powerful storm system is expected to impact areas from the southern Plains to New England regions of the United States this week. This is according to the US storm forecast of the National Weather Service (NWS), which warned the “strengthening storm system” will bring severe thunderstorms and excessive rainfall across the US regions, especially from the Plains to the Ohio Valley and Tennessee River Valley.

The storm system formed following the country’s transition from its winter season to the spring season which started last month. In the coming days, the forecasted severe storms are likely to cause isolated tornadoes and damaging winds. Meanwhile, flash flooding from heavy rain is also possible to occur, particularly in low-lying areas and those near inland waters. Power outages and travel disruption are also potential impacts of the system.

US Storm Forecast

US Storm Forecast: Powerful Storm System with 'Hazardous Weather' to Impact Southern Plains to New England This Week [NWS]
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In its US storm forecast at 4:01 a.m. EDT (local time) on Monday, April 1, the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC) states there is an “Enhanced Risk” of severe thunderstorms over the following areas on Tuesday, April 2:

  •  Southern Plains
  •  Middle Mississippi Valley
  •  Ohio Valley

The US weather forecast means that multiple states, including Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana, are at risk of experiencing adverse weather conditions. According to the WPC, there is an “increased threat of EF2 to EF5 tornados.” In addition, hazardous weather associated with severe storms and flooding rain could also result in life-threatening risks, as seen in previous related weather events.

The US weather agency warns that heavy rain will mainly cause localized flash flooding. This hazard will affect small streams, urban areas, and roads. Furthermore, US regions such as the central Appalachian and Mid-Atlantic will also experience showers and thunderstorms on Monday. Lastly, severe weather can also bring frequent lightning, wind gusts, and hail, which can occur until Wednesday, April 3.

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US Spring Season

The current US spring season is estimated to last until the end of May 2024. In its spring outlook report on March 21, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that the season will bring warmer weather for most parts of the US but wetter conditions in the southeastern states, which includes Florida. Despite the potential for flooding, the NOAA warns that drought is worsening for parts of the Plains, in addition to the Southwest US.

In recent years, the US spring season has been associated with deadly thunderstorms and tornadoes. In 2023, a total of around 60 people died in tornadoes nationwide, including in Missouri and Kentucky. This figure is almost three times higher than tornado-related deaths in 2022, where 23 people died, according to local reports. Tornado outbreaks have also been reported outside the Tornado Alley, which includes areas from the central US and to Canada.

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