US Weather Forecast: Heavy Rain to Continue in the South, Freezing Rain in the North This Week, Creating Flash Flooding Risk [NWS]

Flash flooding risk is possible in some urban and low-lying areas across the United States amid renewed heavy rain in the South and freezing rain in the North this week, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The US weather authorities warn the localized flash and urban flooding are expected across parts of the Texas Gulf Coast, Louisiana, Mississippi, and western Alabama until midweek.

Similar risks are also possible from southeast Louisiana to the southern Appalachians region on Thursday, November 25, according to the weather service. Furthermore, the NWS warned of persisting lingering freezing rain and snow to create hazardous travel and possible power outages across the Midwest and Northeast until Wednesday, January 24.

Heavy Rain and Freezing Rain Forecast

US Weather Forecast: Heavy Rain to Continue in the South, Freezing Rain in the North This Week, Creating Flash Flooding Risk [NWS]
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As the US further descends to the intense cold weather of January 2024, winter storms and associated extreme winter weather conditions have continued to impact millions of Americans, particularly in states along the northern tier of the country. In recent weeks, storms connected to the current North American winter season have killed dozens of people and caused widespread travel disruption across the US.

Aside from bitter cold temperatures, heavy rain and freezing rain events continue to pose a threat across the northern and southern US, according to the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC) at 2:47 a.m. on Wednesday. The WPC specified that concerns for flash flooding due to heavy rainfall is expected for parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley, Tennessee Valley, and Gulf states through Friday morning, January 26.

In addition, the US weather agency warned of freezing rain and accumulating snowfall in portions of the Midwest, Lower Great Lakes, and the Northeast US. Meanwhile, milder air temperatures are in store for the eastern half of the country for the middle of the week. The latest NWS US weather forecast is valid from Wednesday to Friday.

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Flash Flooding Risk

The renewed flash flooding risk in the North and South US comes after torrential rain drenched San Diego, California, with flash flooding, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency and multiple rescue operations. Raging floodwaters inundated homes and even overturned cars in San Diego in recent days, a period when a fast-moving Pacific storm rushed to the California city.

Although flash flooding poses a serious threat to the affected US regions this week, as mentioned earlier, the severe winter weather is still the main hazard across the country. Based on local reports and released statements from authorities, the deadly winter storm relates to at least 72 deaths in the US due to extreme wintry conditions.

Other sources put the current death toll to at least 90 people, who died from deep freeze, frozen roads, and high winds. Some deaths are also caused by weather-related traffic accidents and hypothermia, especially for people with no access to heat or shelter.

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