US Weather Forecast: New Cold Front to Cross Eastern US, Winter Storm to Enter Western US This Week [NWS]

A new cold front will cross the Eastern United States starting Wednesday, February 28, while another winter storm is set to enter the Western US from Wednesday evening until the weekend, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The latest US weather forecast shows that the East Coast will experience a combination of wintry and stormy conditions. Meanwhile, heavy snow and torrential rain are in store for the West Coast.

The winter storm alert poses potential life-threatening risks and travel-related disruptions in the affected regions of the country. Since December 2023, previous winter storms and Arctic blast-driven cold fronts have resulted in countrywide flight cancellations and delays, as well as winter weather-related deaths.

As the North American winter season is about to end, US meteorologists in previous weeks expect a transition into warmer weather starting in March.

US Weather Forecast

US Weather Forecast: New Cold Front to Cross Eastern US, Winter Storm to Enter Western US This Week [NWS]
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In its recent short-range US weather forecast, the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC) highlights a second winter storm this month that will impact the West Coast on Wednesday and Thursday, February 29. This significant weather system will mainly affect the Pacific Northwest region during the said period before making its presence felt across the northern and central California mountains on Friday, March 1.


Meanwhile, the cold air mass lingering across the Eastern US has been described by the weather service as a “strong cold front” that also has an impact to the Central US. According to local weather forecasts, the midsection of the country experienced record-breaking heat to a sudden “flash freeze.” with Kansas seeing a 50-degree temperature drop in just a matter of 12 hours as of Tuesday evening, February 27.

Areas from the states of Maine to New York and the Carolinas are also expected to experience colder temperatures in the coming days amid the raging, powerful cold front.


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Winter Storm Alert

The winter storm alert issued by the NWS, both for the West Coast and the East Coast, could trigger a series of travel-related disruptions, as seen from previous winter weather events. In January 2024, the US faced a week-long flight disruption caused by freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and howling winds caused by winter storms from the Arctic. Data from FlightAware at that time, led to the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights and the delay of over 5,000 flights before mid-January.

While the current winter storm and cold front are not expected to cause similar or greater mayhem compared with earlier winter weather systems, they still pose a significant threat. Earlier in February, a winter storm struck California and led to the closure of Santa Barbara Airport amid flooding due to heavy rain. The storm also led to riverine flooding involving swollen rivers and creeks. Flights were also cancelled at the regional airport during the previous wintry event.

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