US Weekend Weather: Cold Front with Showers and Storms to Move from Central to Eastern States [NWS]

A cold front is expected to bring showers and storms while it moves from the central United States to the eastern states this weekend, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The US weekend weather forecast shows that the cold air mass is travelling across the Great Plains as of Friday, December 8. However, it will eventually head to the Great Lakes and Gulf Coast on Saturday, December 9, before arriving to the East Coast on Sunday, December 10.

The cold front system being monitored comes after the weather service issued a winter weather advisory for the Pacific Northwest region earlier this week, indicating that winter has arrived in the country. Throughout the weekend, NWS meteorologists are expecting the occurrence of heavy snow and howling winds in the affected regions. On the other hand, the US weather agency is also anticipating severe thunderstorms from east Texas to the South.

US Weekend Weather Forecast

US Weekend Weather

(Photo : Photo by NOAA on Unsplash)

Some parts of the US could experience a relatively cold weather this coming weekend, as large swathes of the nation are expected to receive wintry precipitation from coast-to-coast, with winter weather advisories in effect in portions of the Northwest and the North.

In its short-range forecast on Friday, the NWS’ Weather Prediction Center (WPC) stated that light to moderate snowfall is possible over the Rockies on Friday under an area of low pressure. The WPC described that an “unsettled weather” with excessive rainfall and heavy snowfall may return to the Pacific Northwest this weekend.

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Snow and Rain Affect Millions

In relation to the NWS forecast, AccuWeather meteorologists have warned that the same cold front is a massive storm that includes not only rain and snow but also severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The large weekend storm will impact the eastern half of the US, affecting an estimated 180 million people.

AccuWeather’s senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski says that a narrow band of snow is likely near the quad-state zone of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska to central and northern Michigan. Similar to the NWS projection, snow accumulation will move further into the east, especially in parts of the Appalachians and the interior Northeast.

The region will experience cold air that will rush behind the strong cold front from Sunday afternoon to evening, according to AccuWeather meteorologist La Troy Thornton.

Potential Disruptions

The NWS warned that heavy rain is possible across the eastern US, where the cold front is headed. This wet weather may result in flash flooding. Aside from rainfall, strong winds will be another primary threat from the looming winter weather storm.

During the weekend, potential disruptions include travel delays in road traffic movement, public transportation, and local flights. Reduced visibility caused by heavy rain and snow could also add to travel hazards that commuters and passengers may experience.

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