Winter Weather Advisory Issued for Pacific Northwest; Multiple Counties Brace for Winter Storm Hazards

A winter weather advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for the Pacific Northwest, where winter storm hazards like blowing snow and reduced visibility can persist in the coming days and even until the weekend. For the past two weeks, this region of the United States has also received winter storm warnings from the weather service, affecting states like Oregon and Washington.

The current winter weather alert affects parts of northeastern California, southern Oregon, western Montana, and Idaho. Multiple counties in these states and their surrounding areas are expected to experience heavy snow, gusty winds, and cold temperatures associated with the looming 2023 North American winter season. Last year, a winter storm pummeled the western US with thick snowfall and heavy rain, in addition to the catastrophic winter weather in the eastern half of the country.

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter Weather Advisory

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The NWS on Wednesday, December 6, issued the winter weather advisory, suggesting that multiple hazards linked with winter weather are in store for the Pacific Northwest. Under the alert, travel conditions across the region can be difficult since heavy snow and wind gusts can result in slippery roads and limited visibilities.

According to the US weather agency, a winter weather advisory is issued due to the risk of freezing rain (any amount) and when snow accumulation reaches 2 to 4 inches (alone or combined with sleet and freezing rain). The advisory is also given when these said winter storm hazards caused significant inconvenience to the public, but the disruption is not severe enough to cause warning.

The weather officials advice the public to take precaution during travel and bring necessary items and supplies should winter weather hazards worsen. Until the end of the week, power outages are possible and disruption to travel is expected.

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Affected Areas

There are multiple locations mentioned by the NWS to be affected by the weather advisory. Some of these areas or cities of concern are the following:

  •  Burney, California
  •  Tahoe, California
  •  Diamond Lake, Oregon
  •  Lolo Pass
  •  Western Arctic Coast
  •  West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada

Prior to the latest NWS forecast, the Pacific Northwest saw the occurrence of deadly flooding that drenched Washington and Oregon, according to reports earlier this week. The flooding is caused by a persistent atmospheric river event, also called Pineapple Express. Several counties across the Northwest received a flood warning since water levels in some rivers reached to dangerous stage.

In Oregon, at least two people died involving swollen creeks attributed to the water vapor-carrying phenomenon. US meteorologists anticipate that a separate storm system will hit the eastern half of the country during the upcoming weekend.

Due to the lingering threat, low-lying areas and communities near bodies of water across the Northwest can experience flash flooding events, either caused by heavy rain or snowmelt, as well as the overflow of rivers, lakes, streams, or creeks.

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