World’s Oldest Dog Title of ‘Bobi the Portuguese Mastiff’ Suspended After Doubts Among Guinness World Records Officials [Report]

Bobi the Portuguese mastiff was once considered the world’s oldest living dog and the oldest dog ever on record. Back in February 2023, the Guinness World Records announced the title to the 30-year-old Bobi at that time. Since then, Bobi was looked at with high regard and made global headlines until his death several months ago, at an apparent age of 31 years old.

However, Guinness World Records officials recently suspended the world’s oldest dog title held by Bobi and temporarily stripped his recognition amid doubts surrounding his lifespan. The source of this concern is traced back to Portugal, the country where the dog was reportedly registered in 1992 and died on October 21 of 2023.

Bobi the Portuguese Mastiff

World's Oldest Dog Title of 'Bobi the Portuguese Mastiff' Suspended After Doubts Among Guinness World Records Officials [Report]
(Photo : Photo by VOA/Voz de America/Voice of America via Wikimedia Commons)
Bobi the Portuguese mastiff, the world’s oldest dog.

The title of Bobi the Portuguese mastiff has been suspended until further notice amid on ongoing review and investigation surrounding the record holder’s age, which is based on reported details that the now-deceased 31-year-old guard dog was born on May 11 of 1992. The famous canine lived in Portugal, on a farm in the village of Conqueiros located in the Leiria District.

Bobi’s owner, Leonel Costa, previously told US media in 2023 that the secret to his pet’s long life was healthy food, fresh air, and lots of love, emphasizing that an environment far from the cities or urban areas also helped the dog’s remarkable lifespan. Even before the February 2023 Guinness announcement, it was clear that Bobi is the No. 1 pick for the world’s oldest dog title.

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World’s Oldest Dog Title

World's Oldest Dog Title of 'Bobi the Portuguese Mastiff' Suspended After Doubts Among Guinness World Records Officials [Report]
(Photo : Photo by VOA/Voz de America/Voice of America via Wikimedia Commons)
Guinness World Records title for Bobi the Portuguese mastiff.

Bobi lived his entire life with the Costa family in Conqueiros. Before his rise to fame from his quiet life in the Portuguese village, a dog from the United States, named Spike, was holding the title of the oldest living dog in the world given by the Guinness World Records. Spike was a 23-year-old chihuahua mix from Camden, Ohio.

Spike the Chihuahua was given the title officially on December 7 of 2022. However, weeks after Spike’s debut as the oldest living dog, the Guinness World Records received “evidence” of a new contender, Bobi the Portuguese Mastiff. At that time.

Guinness officials believed that not only Bobi was the oldest living dog but also the oldest dog ever. Evidently, the basis for the title does not include ancient or prehistoric dogs that predate domesticated dogs of today. This context gives rise to the question if a modern dog (which is easier to register and record) can live up to 30 years.

Can a Dog Last 30 years?

Experts assert that the average lifespan of a dog ranges from 10 to 13 years, based on estimations including those of the American Kennel Club. Other sources report that the maximum lifespan of man’s best friend can reach up to 17 years. While there are cases of dogs reaching above 20 years old, there have been no confirmed documentation of pet dogs reaching the age of 30 and beyond.

In the case of Bobi the Portuguese Mastiff, reports indicate that the basis of doubts surrounding his age is based on observations that images of Bobi back in 1999 had different colors of paws compared with the dog that died in October 2023 in Portugal. In addition, genetic testing of Bobi confirmed that he was old but did not accurately provide his age.

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